Your personal VPN server in the Cloud

Create your own incredibly fast and secure VPN server.
SnowdenVPN ExpressVPN
Connections Unlimited 5
Speed 1000 Mbits/s 80 Mbits/s
SSH access
Configurable ports
Only pay for what you use
Month price $8 $12.95

A fully controlled VPN server with SSH access

The VPN server is a dedicated virtual machine in the cloud. Only you have access to your VPN server and you can completely destroy it any time. All possible logs will be destroyed along with the server.

Guaranteed 1 Gb/s bandwidth

While shared VPN servers are the norm today, they have a common downside, slow speeds. Since your VPN server is dedicated to you only, and you do not share your traffic among hundreds of other users, you will get the optimum throughput.

Strong protection from cyber attacks, hacking, data theft, or just plain snooping

Your personal VPN server will help you to avoid being a victim of hacking attacks, no matter whether they are intended for you or if adversaries stumble upon you by mistake. This is a powerful alternative to a shared service.

No need to install special applications

Each application installed on your device creates potential security concerns. We don't provide any applications for connecting to the VPN server, because all modern devices support most popular VPN protocols.

Choose a plan that works for you

Pay only for the time that you use VPN server, forget about subscription for 1, 2 and more years.